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Australian Models

Aussie Models
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This is a community for Australian models, photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists, fashion stylists of all descriptions to meet and discuss photo shoots. Often times it's hard to find a model, photographer or makeup artist who will do TFP in your area, or the style of photography or fashion that you are interested in, especially if you live in remote areas or small towns. The aim of this community is to bring all us Aussies together!

Often times on the net or LJ, there is alot of info out there for models in the USA or overseas, but not much for Aussies!!

For all experience levels ranging from beginner to advanced and everything in between, in modelling, photography, makeup, hair, styling, or perhaps you're just considering posing for a shoot and looking for someone willing to photograph you without having to pay the earth at a 'professional studio'. We all have to start somewhere, and we all need the practice!!

Post pictures, questions, recommendations or make posts about upcoming shoots. Make requests for photographers, models, stylists, makeup/hair artists. On joining it would be nice if you made an introductory post sharing your interest (modelling, photography etc...), location and a little about yourself.

any problems, contact serpentine_kiss
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